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Good hopefully by arriving at this page then you are looking for help to bring in your dream vehicle from another Country.

For many years we have been helping people to do this and would like to think that we can help you do the same at a Competitive price, Efficiently and more importantly Professionally.

Thousands of People from all around the world have asked us to help them achieve their dream, whether it be a car, Pickup Truck, RV, Trailer or Caravan, Boat, Motorcycle, Articulated Vehicle or even an Aeroplane, in fact if it moves then we like to think we can ship it.

So what makes us different from other importers, well firstly we have been around the American Car Scene since 1980, we're skilled and qualified business people who's experiences at all management levels have enabled us to set exacting standards to our shipping agents.

Is it any wonder that many of the biggest Clubs in the UK invited us to be their approved Shipping Agents to their members.

We continually monitor our agents, from the point of instruction through to delivery to your front door and we routinely visit their warehouses and offices in the USA to ensure that our standards are being maintained.

This site has been designed to answer many of your question and alleviate your fears, it should be easy to use, feel free to call us even if it is to ask the most basic of questions, you'll never get laughed at and will be treated with the utmost respect.

We like to think that we are a refreshing change to the Market Place!

Give us a try and we think you'll be amazed at how easy we can make it for you, take a look at our gallery to have a glimpse at just a few of the vehicles that have helped others make their dreams come true.

The current economic climate maybe bad for the investors, but with interests rates so low and the US market flooded with bargains, and the Dollar dropping against the Pound, it really has never been such a good time to buy.

Mustang Owners Club GB
National Street Road Association
Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain
National Street Rod Association
American Auto Club UK
American Auto Club NW
American Auto Club UK
American Auto Club NW
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